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February 25, 2020

The old manuscript

Transcription of the manuscript about the healing properties of Schweden Bitter

( Found in the archives of centenarian Swedish Dean of medicine Dr. Samst – 17th century)

Dr Samst
  1. It eradicates headaches and dizziness, it empowers the brain and memory with frequent inhales or soaking the bottom of the head or with a compress on the head.
  2. It helps with weak eyes wiping them from red spots and every pain even in case of inflammations.It relieves them from stigmata and cataracts. Moisten the corners of the eyes on fixed time intervals or apply a compress over closed eyes.
  3. Purulent rushes, eczema of every type and dry skin can be cured if they are properly and often moistened.
  4. For toothache, keep one tablespoon in the mouth for a while mixed with some water or moisten the aching tooth. The pain will subside and the sepsis disappears.
  5. Blisters on the tongue or other issues with the oral cavity can be swiftly treated by frequent washing with the elixir.
  6. If the throat burns or there is an inflammation and ingesting it becomes hard, swallow Schweden Bitter slowly every morning, noon and evening. It removes the inflammation and cures the throat.
  7. For stomach cramps, one tablespoon.
  8. For abdominal pain slowly ingest 3 tablespoons in succession and relief is soon to come.
  9. It relieves the body of gas and it calms the liver. It eradicates any intestine and stomach problems and helps in cases of constipation.
  10. An excellent medicine for an upset stomach and digestion dysfunction.
  11. It helps with gallbladder pain. One tablespoon every day, morning and evening, and compress during the night and soon all pain will go away.
  12. For dropsy (sweating) one tablespoon in white wine every morning and night for 6 weeks.
  13. For pain in the ears or buzzing put a moistened cotton ball. It is rejuvenating and can also restore lost hearing.
  14. For morning sickness, 1 tablespoon in red wine in the morning for 3 days followed by a walk half an hour later and then breakfast without milk. Schweden Bitter should not be taken within thirty minutes after(or before) having milk.
  15. During the last 15 days of pregnancy, one tablespoon every morning and night helps with delivery. For a smoother discarding of the amniotic sack take one teaspoon every 2 hours until it is discarded painlessly.
  16. If, after birth, the milk stops and an inflammation appears it can be treated with a compress on the chest.
  17. It relieves from worms, even from tapeworm in both adults in children. For children the dose depends on the age, smaller doses for younger children. A moistened cloth should be put on the navel and kept moist.
  18. It cures acne in children. Give children Schweden Bitter, depending on their age diluted with water. When the pimples begin to wither moisten often with Schweden Bitter and there will be no scars left.
  19. For jaundice, one tablespoon three times per day and place a compress on the bloated liver.
  20. It opens the hemorrhoids, it cures the kidneys, it relieves the body from any extra fluids and it removes melancholy and depression by bettering the appetite and digestion.
  21. The hemorrhoids get smaller and softer if moistened frequently and if schweden Bitter is ingested internally before defecation. Locally, it is applied on a moistened cotton ball. It helps blocked blood to start flowing and relieves from burning.
  22. If someone has fainted, open his mouth if needed and administer a teaspoon of Schweden Bitter and they will come around.
  23. This elixir relieves cramp pain.
  24. For tuberculosis, administer daily, in the morning with empty stomach and continue the treatment for six weeks.
  25. If menstruation stops or if it becomes excessive the woman should take the elixir for three days and repeat the treatment 20 times.
  26. This elixir also cures leukocoria.
  27. If someone is having an epilepsy attack the elixir should be administered on the spot and the treatment should be continued because it strengthens the nerves and the body alike and relieves from every disease.
  28. It cures claudication and relieves from dizziness and discomfort.
  29. It also cures rashes and erysipelas.
  30. If someone has a fever and is too weak, administer a tablespoon and the patient will come around with the pulse restored to normal levels if they’re not overloaded with other medication. The fever, no matter how high, will go away.
  31. Schweden Bitter also cures wounds, old scars and marks, moles and damaged hand skin. If the wound is old or purulent or deformed wash well with white wine and apply a cloth moistened with the elixir.
  32. It cures any kind of wound or tear if moistened frequently with Schweden Bitter without any side effects. A piece of cloth moistened with the elixir covers the wound immediately. It immediately relieves from pain and it prevents bruises and sepsis. It also cures bullet wounds. If there are bullet holes moisten the wound with the elixir (it doesn’t need to be cleaned beforehand) and then repeatedly apply moistened cloth on the wound and the cure will soon be complete.
  33. It removes scars, even old ones, wounds and cuts if moistened at least 40 times with the elixir. All wounds heal and leave no marks.
  34. It cures any type of fistula, even the ones that look untreatable, no matter how old.
  35. It cures burns, no matter if they were caused from fire, how water or grease if moistened frequently. It doesn’t create blisters and even purulent blisters can be treated.
  36. It is effective against swelling and bruises whether they come from beatings or falling.
  37. If someone has lost their appetite, the elixir will restore it.
  38. In case of anemia it restores lost skin color if taken each morning for some time. It clears the blood, produces new blood and helps with circulation.
  39. Rheumatic pain in the limbs is relieved if the elixir is taken every morning and night and compresses are applied.
  40. It cures frostbite on the hands and feet even if the wound is open if compresses are applied frequently, especially during the night.
  41. For calluses apply a moistened cotton ball and keep it moist. After three days the calluses will detach by themselves or they can be removed painlessly.
  42. It also cures bites from rabid dogs and other animals if ingested since it destroys any poison. A moistened cloth should also be applied on the wound.
  43. For the plague and other transmitted diseases it should be administered repeatedly since it cures the bloating and rushes of the plague, even if they have reached the neck.
  44. Someone who cannot sleep at night should take a few drops of the elixir before sleep. For neural insomnia a cloth moistened with Schweden Bitter is applied on the chest on the area of the heart.
  45. A drunk can sober up with 2 tablespoons.
  46. Someone who takes Schweden Bitter daily, every morning and night does not need any other medicine since it strengthens the body and the nerves and it removes shakiness from the hands and feet.

In short, it removes any disease. The body remains agile and the face young and beautiful.

Attention: All the aforementioned quantities of Schweden Bitter should be taken diluted in herbal drinks or warm water. 

The spectacular healing power of this elixir is shown on the text of the old manuscript above. It can be said that Schweden Bitter is helpful for any disease or at least that is an effective base from any treatment. 

***The information included in this manuscript comes from Maria Treben’s book “Health Through God’s Pharmacy”, Kedros Publishing and is purely informational and it cannot substitute your doctor’s (or other medical expert’s) medical report