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Schweden Bitter Without Alcohol – Suitable for homeopathy
April 28, 2019
Schweden Bitter me alkool megalo
Schweden Bitter
April 29, 2019
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Calendula Ointment

19.70 17.30

The ideal ointment for skin problems with Maria Treben’s certification.

Size: 50 ml

***Produced and bottled in Austria by Maria Treben Naturprodukte***

Medical Use:

  • Dry skin, Dermatitis, Eczema, Blown Skin
  • Skin with varicose vain
  • Prevention and treatment of infant chaffed skin
  • Treating chaffed skin for elderly people
  • Red spots, Rashes, Ulcer, Burns
  • Protects the skin from extreme weather conditions and its healing properties work on almost all skin irritation
  • Insect Bites (mosquito, wasps etc)
  • Fungi, Athlete’s foot
  • Swelling, Sclerosis, Fistulas
  • It relieves from Varicose Vain and Phlebitis
  • It relieves swollen and tired feet
  • Helps with healing the wounds of decubitus
  • It relieves from scars, stretchmarks and operation marks (especially if used immediately)

Cosmetic Use:

  • The precious essential oils that it contains prevent premature skin aging
  • Its exceptional rejuvenating action helps the tissue produce new cells maintaining the skin alive and healthy
  • Calendula ointment is ideal as an anti-wrinkle eye cream. Due to its regenerating action, pure ingredients and “rich” texture it helps with lessening wrinkles in this very sensitive area.
  • It can also be used as a face mask (1-2 times per week) without being removed. Include, if you so wish the neck area and the chest.
  • Its antiphlogistic properties make it ideal for use after hair removal and waxing (face, bikini area), immediately relieving the skin from irritation and burns

Calendula ointment, certified by Maria Treben

Multiple use ointment suitable for the face, the limbs and the rest of the body. Suitable for any age.
Especially concentrated composition, containing extracts from calendula flower and trigonella, peanut oil, castor oil, saffron and more.

Calendula is known since ancient times for its soothing, antiphlogistic, antibacterial, anti fungi and mainly its healing properties in the ancient Greek, Roman, Arabic and Hindu civilisations.

The original Calendula Ointment with the certification of Maria Treben (one of the most important botanists of the 20th century )ου is a multiple use ointment that prevents and treats serious skin problems. It is based on an old recipe of healing herbs enriched with castor oil, maize oil, carrot , trigonella (fenugreek), peanut oil and saffron. It includes a high concentration (15%) of calendula flower extract of premium quality. Because of its extraordinary regenerative action it helps tissues produce new cells and keeps the skin healthy. Its pure composition makes it ideal for any age, even infants. A multipurpose ally in health and beauty that should be included in every medicine cabinet and every cosmetics shelf in any home.

Small, precious advice for use

Apply a small quantity and spread it softly where needed.

For better results on intense dry skin (eg blistered heels) apply enough cream up to the point when the skin will not absorb any more.

Using calendula ointment as a face and eye cream, apply softly on the area with smooth movements.

It is ideal for use as first aid for immediately dealing with light burns. Apply it by itself or moisten the area with Schweden Bitter beforehand and then apply a thick layer of Calendula ointment. Repeat at regular time intervals as many times as needed.

To deal with wounds from decubitus moisten the area with Schweden Bitter and then apply the Calendula Ointment around the wound.

During pregnancy it raises the elasticity of the skin and prevents stretch marks on the lower body.

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