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Bring the shine of the Austrian Alps on your hair.

With the power of wild nettle.

Fights hair loss and dandruff. For normal and oily hair.

Size: 200 ml

***Produced and bottled in Austria by Maria Treben Naturprodukte***

Article on Nettle: an essential herb for the pharmacy of your home!

Wild Nettle Hair Shampoo

Only hearing the name “Nettle” reminds us of the fiery, painful sensation of touching it bare handed. Farmers have always considered it as a pest. Hippocrates and Galen on the other hand, recognized it as a very potent medicinal plant with unique healing properties for a multitude of ailments. Ostensibly, Hippocrates – the father of medicine- has characterized nettle as “panacea” and reported tens of different treatments based on the nettle. Traditionally, in botany, this special plant is used to fight hair loss and dandruff. It is known that its extract helps the hair gain volume and strength. Capitalizing on its properties to the fullest, the house Maria Treben created an amazing product, the Wild Nettle Hair Shampoo! Smooth, empowering and with neutral pH. It is condensed, containing a high concentration of Nettle and Swedish Herbs.

Visible results after the first shower.

Always use in small quantities.

Combine with Nutritional extract from wild Burdock & Wild NettleSwedish Herb Shower Gel and Moisturizing Swedish Herb Skin Conditioner.

Article on Nettle: an essential herb for the pharmacy of your home!

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