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The fragrant cleaning care for the body.

Use the Shower Gel, with the Botanical Composition of Schweden Bitter, for an enjoyable shower or bath.

Packaging: 200ml

***Produced and packaged in Austria by Maria Treben Naturprodukte***

It is a gentle, moisturizing shower gel, enriched with the herbal composition of Schweden Bitter. It gently cleans, relaxes and protects the skin giving it radiance and a fragrant freshness. It is a concentrated product for the whole family, also suitable for cleansing the face and the sensitive area.

Its beneficial action is immediately obvious because of the smoothness and freshness it gives to the skin.

It’s not only a simple cosmetic shower gel, since the action of the herbs of Schweden Bitter it contains is immediate even in the deepest layers of the skin, relieving the pain from the joints, muscles, tendons etc.

Combine it with the Moisturizing Cream with the Botanical Composition of Schweden Bitter!

  • It relaxes the muscles of the whole body, while also aiding the relief of stressed joints.
  • Deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving behind a velvet smooth texture.
  • It is ideal for daily use and care of your body.
  • Can also be used in a relaxing bath after a long day.
  • While traveling it can be used as a shower gel, a face cleansing soap and also as a shaving soap.

Advice for use

  • Use the Swedish Herb Shower Gel for a relaxing shower or bubble bath
  • It is ideal for everyday use and body care
  • For a bath apply a small amount on the sponge to immediately create a rich foam from Swedish Herbs
  • It can be used while traveling as a shampoo or as a face-care soap or even as shaving foam.

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