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Nourishing Extract from Wild Burdock & Wild Nettle
April 17, 2019
St John’s Wort oil by Ef Zyn® – The elixir of ancient Spartan
April 26, 2019
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Shampoo Wild Burdock & Birch Distillate Roots

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Bring the shine of the Austrian Alps on your hair.

With the power of wild Burdock.

It fights hair loss and dandruff. For normal, sensitive or dry hair.

Size: 200 ml

***Produced and bottled in Austria by Maria Treben Naturprodukte***

Article on Birch – The Miraculous tree
Article on Burdock – One of the most important healing herbs

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Shampoo Wild Burdock & Birch Distillate Roots

The misunderstood Burdock plant, globally known as a pest hides many great properties. Botanists know very well that it has very potent detoxifying properties and also that it is a plant that has been traditionally used to fight hair loss and empower hair and hair growth. Burdock tincture is also ideal for chronic skin diseases such as eczema. Birch on the other hand is known for its antiseptic, disinfecting and tonic properties. As far as its cosmetic use is considered, it is no secret to experts that its extract gives smooth and shiny hair. The combination of the two (wild burdock root and birch extract) is ideal for the creation of an especially beneficial shampoo.

The Shampoo Wild Burdock & Birch Distillate Roots gives apaloptita, shine and invigorates the hair roots.
Immediate visible results.
Always use in small quantities.

Combine with Nutritional extract from wild Burdock & Wild NettleSwedish Herb Shower Gel and Moisturizing Swedish Herb Skin Conditioner.

Article on Birch – The Miraculous tree
Article on Burdock – One of the most important healing herbs

Advice for use

Rub it all over the face and skin for general relaxing, but also for nurturing the skin.

For relief from pains or strains rub on the affected area.

For more immediate results we can still apply a compress locally on a drenched gauze and wrap it with a waterproof membrane.

According to Maria Treben, St John’s Wort oil is a pain reliever for babies that suffer from colic pains if rubbed softly on the tummy.

Spread it on the skin with soft movements. It can be used as a regular night cream by spreading it on clean skin including the eye area. The results are spectacular! If however you’ve enjoyed the sun’s kiss more than you should and your skin is stretching or red, a nightly healing rubbing of the oil is ideal for immediate relief.

For internal use

Take one teaspoon to one tablespoon, once or twice every day, or whenever we feel the problem, preferably on an empty stomach.

St John’s Wort oil be Ef Zyn® is immediately absorbed by the skin, leaves no annoying leftovers on the skin for us or those who stand around us. It does not stain clothes.

***The information included in the text above comes from Maria Treben’s book “Health Through God’s Pharmacy”, Kedros Publishing and is purely informational and it cannot substitute your doctor’s (or other medical expert’s) medical report.

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