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Relaxing hydration for the body

Packaging: 200ml

***Produced and packaged in Austria by Maria Treben Naturprodukte***

The Moisturizing Cream with the Botanical Composition of Schweden Bitter, is a nurturing conditioner for the face and the body with an exceptionally light and cool texture. It is absorbed quickly without leaving a sense of oiliness on the skin, giving it a shine and a sweet fragrance. It contains a rich herbal composition, whose beneficial and cosmetic properties reinforce each other through their combination. All of the above make the Moisturizing Cream a trully valluable ally for your skin.

Combine it with the Shower Gel with the Botanical Composition of Schweden Bitter for total body care.

  • It refreshes and relieves the skin after sunbathing.
  • It soothes the skin after waxing or shaving.
  • An excellent moisturizer, using the combined effects of Swedish Herbs and Aloe gel that it contains.

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