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Refreshing and relieving gel.

Immediate relief from arable vessels, phlebitis, swollen feet and hemorrhoids

Package: 50ml, 100ml

***Produced and packaged in Austria by Maria Treben Naturprodukte***

Hippocastanea Gel – Refreshing and Relieving Gel

A pleasant, refreshing and oil less gel

The therapeutic ingredients of Hippocastanea combined with trigonela, Witch hazel and Melilotus greatly contribute to the contraction of the blood vessels. They also contribute to the betterment of the circulatory system with immediate therapeutic and cosmetic results.

Hippocastanea has veinotonique properties, helps with blood circulation and strengthens the blood vessels. It is, therefore, ideal for coping with problematic blood circulation (especially on the feet) and with issues created by the reduced inflow of blood in the veins. Its therapeutic properties were known to the native tribes of Indians that had been using the various trees of the Aesculus family for healing purposes. Moreover (πολυγωνο) is famous for its tonic and styptic properties. Melilotus is used in modern herbal treatments to fight phlebitis, varicose veins, arable vessels and swelling on the limbs. As far as Witch Hazel is considered, it has a high concentration of tannins and flavonoids that contribute to skin tightening and provide regenerative properties. As a styptic it stops hemorrhaging and effectively deals with hemorrhoids (a fact known by the North American native tribes).

The unique combination of all of the aforementioned ingredients makes the Hippocastanea gel a necessary ally for the contraction of the skin’s blood vessels and the betterment of the circulatory system with immediate therapeutic and cosmetic results.

The Hippocastanea Gel

  • Fights arable vessels, varicose veins and phlebitis immediately improving the skin’s looks and texture.
  • Relieves heavy, swollen and tired feet.
  • Soothes hemorrhoid pains and reduces their size.
  • Offers excellent anti aging action for tired faces that suffer from arable vessels.

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