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Immediate relief for everyone and everything!

Packaging 50ml

***Produced and packaged in Austria by Maria Treben Naturtprodukte***

Swedish Herb Balm

A recipe from the Sweden herbs of Schweden Bitter, a real balm of immediate relief for the whole family. For use at home, while traveling or at work with no artificial aromas.
A traditional cosmetic and therapeutic ointment of the Alps, always carried by mountaineers, herders and farmers. For immediate treatment of lesions, injuries and infections for every family member, including their pets . Recommended for back pains or stiff neck and for any kind of musculoskeletal pain caused by either internal sources (rheumatism, arthritis etc) or external (sprains, bruises , injuries etc).

A traditional ointment that combines the therapeutic results with the cosmetic benefits of the herbs that it contains.

For immediate relief:

  • It restores the water absorbing properties of the skin that are damaged by the frequent washing of the hands and the use of antiseptics.
  • Effective against warts, eczema, atopic dermatitis, bruises and swollen heels.
  • For pain and inflammations from injuries, stiffness or tendonitis via locally rubbing.
  • Exceptional as a day-night cream with immediate absorption, smooths the skin giving it a beautiful and healthy texture.
  • Very efficient against acne.
  • Acts effectively against sun spots and smooths old and new scars.
  • Suitable for haemorrhoids and any kind of itch.
  • Prevents bed sores.Suitable for treating wounds on pets or horses.

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