Maria Treben

maria treben

“In our times, when the majority of people has drafted away from the natural way of life and sickness caused by that change looms, we must turn again to herbal medicine which God in his greatness has provided us with since the beginning of the year.”
Maria Treben

Maria Treben was one of the most important botanologists of the 20th century. Her deep knowledge on the subject matter, her systemic research in Europe’s herbal traditions and her lengthy clinical experience led her to compile a series of “simple and effective recipes” to address more health problems completely.

Maria Treben of the Gunzel family was born in Zatec in 1907. In 1917 her family moved to Prague. She married a mechanic named Ernst Gottfried Treben with whom she had a son, Kurt Dieter. They settled down in Kaplitz frm where they were driven away in 1945. Her husband was imprisoned and whe was moving from refugee camp to refugee camp for 2 years. After the end of the war they settled down in Austria.

While being a refugee at a Bavarian refugee camp, Maria Treben got sick with typhoid fever and later jaundice and bowel obstruction. She spent over 6 months n a hospital and when she finally reached Austria she kept feeling very sick, with horrible stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. One day, a woman that had heard about her sickness provided her with a dark colored liquid with a powerful odour accompanied by a copy of an old manuscript that explained in 46 points how this dark liquid could heal any ailment. She stored it in her cupboard refusing to believe that this humble unknown liquid could help her with something the doctors had no luck.
Untill, during another crisis with stomach pains, in her desperation she decided to try a compress with that liquid. As she herself stated, this one compress, which she kept all day over her stomach was enough to relieve her from all the problems of the past months.

Since then, Maria Treben dedicated her life in studying the healing properties of plants. Gradually, she gained knowledge and experience. Deeply religious herself, she believed that it was her unquestionable duty to help her fellow people regain their health. She reached a point where she was the most sought after lecturer in Europe in the field of botanology. At her place of birth and at the places she lived she is considered a “saint”.

Το βιβλίο της “Υγεία από το φαρμακείο του Θεού” (“Gesundheit aus der Apotheke Gottes”) έχει μεταφραστεί σε 20 γλώσσες και έχει κυκλοφορήσει σε περισσότερα από 10 εκατομμύρια αντίτυπα.
Πολυάριθμες μαρτυρίες, από όλο τον κόσμο, για τα εκπληκτικά θεραπευτικά και αναζωογονητικά αποτελέσματα των βοτανολογικών συνταγών της περιλαμβάνονται στο βιβλίο της “Θεραπείες της Μαρία Τρέμπεν” (“Maria Treben’s Cures”)

In Greece the books are published by Kedros Publishing..