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  • 21.09.199501

    Ef Zyn® was founded in 1995

    The company Ef Zyn® was founded by Stavros Georgakopoulos in 1995, when he started his activities in the field of hygiene, organic and traditional nutrition and care. The same year, the first store with the same name was opened in Voula (Athens). Under the slogan Health and Enjoyment Ef Zyn® pioneered by introducing an innovative integrated vision and philosophy and creating a new store category: healthy, organic and traditional delicatessen. It is now commonplace in the field of gastronomy that Ef Zyn® created a school. It has managed to restore the lost glamor of handmade products and bring out the tasty and healthy excellence of natural and traditional production and processing methods.

  • 14.04.199803

    In 1998 Ef Zyn® expanded

    In 1998, we began collaborating with the world-renowned botanist Maria Treben, introducing and distributing the famous Schweden Bitter herb elixir as well as a comprehensive range of high quality herbal care and care products.

  • 05.07.200102

    In 2001 we moved to Tinos

    In 2001, Ef Zyn® moved to Tinos and created the Standard Fine Foods Lab where, in addition to producing high-end gastronomy dishes, he began producing the ancient curative elixir of Spatholado or Balsamolado, as well as its famous European botanical wine tradition. heart. The unmatched quality, rarity, originality and wide variety of his products and above all his complete professional consistency and honesty soon made him widely known, attracting numerous spontaneous praise articles and tributes from many critics and publishers, popular magazines and newspapers, as well as repeated invitations to television shows featuring the philosophy of Ef Zyn®. In the years that followed, Ef Zyn® was honored with awards in Greece and abroad for its originality and unmatched quality.

  • 05.07.201904

    In 2019 we moved to Athens

    In 2019 Ef Zyn® is shipped to Athens, Agios Dimitrios, producing and importing herbal elixirs, therapeutic ointments and oils that it distributes in organic stores, in selected pharmacies dealing with natural preparations as well as in e-shops. Today, we continue to take an interest in the manufacture and distribution of natural elixirs that promote mental and physical health on the same principles of quality and honesty.

Every home has a family.

Every member of staff has been with us for many years, and with the new generation embracing the older generation, the Ef Zyn family was created: