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Bitter substances- the great shortage of modern nutrition

maria treben
Maria Treben
February 25, 2020
Nettle: an essential herb for the pharmacy of your home!
February 25, 2020

Bitter substances- the great shortage of modern nutrition


“The beneficial properties that bitter herbs have help with losing weight, reducing cholesterol and even toning the soul”

Conclusions from the empirical and practical treatments conference (Karlsruhe, Germany, July 2001)


According to ancient and sacred Hinduistic scriptures, the effects of bitter substances on our body have been known for over 5000 years. One of those scriptures, Ayuverda, includes all the knowledge Indians of the time had on longevity and health and bitter herbs are a vital part of both.

Bitter herbs also held a prevalent position in ancient Greece during the age of Hippocrates, father of modern medicine.

Even from tradition we can all recall the saying “if it is bitter for the mouth, it is good for the stomach”, portraying the beneficial properties of bitter herbs in digestion.

Bitter substances “train” the mucous membranes in the digestive system. The lead to contractions in the stomach that don’t last long. When they pass, the stomach is able to exhume viruses , bacteria , parasites and fungi much easier.

Even wild animals have proven this by eating bitter herbs in case of sickness to purify their bodies internally.

Bitter Substances the forgotten allies for weight loss.

Schweden Bitter: a natural elixir for reducing fat.

The ideal bikini body, the flat belly and the ideal weight with which someone feels pretty and healthy does not depend as much on strict diets as it depends on the amount of bitter substances included in our food, which, due to their taste, have almost disappeared from modern nutrition.
We are talking about bitter components that we used to consume in the form of roots, vegetables and herbs; raw or cooked. For thousands of years they have been naturally burning fats for us. The general tendency towards sweet foods, non bitter foods and fast-food, has lead to the disappearance of bitter ingredients from the modern kitchen which in turn leads to an increase in obesity and digestive problems at an epidemic scale.

This particular knowledge was the focus in most panels that took place during the 2001 conference of empirical and practical healing in Karlsruhe.
It was supported that by taking bitter foods out of our diet we have eliminated one of the four basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter. Only salty, sweet and sour tastes are still welcome in our dishes while the bitter taste is not sought after anymore. Expert doctors and nutritionists warn us that this phenomenon is already taking its revenge.
For all those reasons we can understand that bitter ingredients on our nutrition have many beneficial qualities.
Bitter ingredients help in making us feel like we are “full”, like we are “well fed”. As an immediate result, we consume smaller food portions. Because of their intense taste, they also help with speeding up the secretion of digestive fluids in the stomach, and as a result creating the feeling of saturation faster.


The bitter taste, except for everything mentioned above, also helps with reducing the need for food by itself. Sweet and non-bitter foods on the other hand increase our appetite for more food. Moreover, bitter foods have much less calories than sweet foods. Because of this, sweet foods make the individual fatter whereas bitter foods lead to a slim silhouette. It has been proven that many bitter substances in our nutrition help with funneling fat towards the direction it is supposed to take (aka burning it or exhuming it) and not of it being stored in the legs or the belly.

Ursel Buhring,  the director of the school of Healing plants of Freiburg- Breisgau, gave a lecture about the basic functons of bitter substances that drew much attention, during which she explained that:

Bitter substances help with the procedure of digestion. The bowel movements become more intense and food is forwarded from the stomach to the intestines faster. They make the secretion of the gull happen faster, they make the pancreas work faster, they improve the digestion of leukomas, protein and fat acting as a light laxative. Because of the bitter substances’ ability to speed up digestion the feeling of bloating is lessened and it stops sepsis from happening inside the intestines.

Bitter substances: Benefits to the body and soul

A diet rich in bitter foods can also have the following beneficial qualities according to Ursel Buhring:
Due to the fact that bitter substances help the body absorb vitamin B12 from the digestive system, they also contribute in creating blood. Moreover, they contribute to the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K along with iron.
Bitter substances support the creation of alkali in the body which work against the hyperventilation of the body , which nowadays is a very common problem for many people.


Bitter substances gives us courage. Their tonic properties make them ideal for people who have lost their liveliness, have become lethargic and cannot find motivation for anything or people who have lost their good mood and cannot take initiative on anything. Based on the above, she suggested for bitter substances to be used as a support treatment for depression.
Taking bitter substances consistently and systematically can help the liver become stronger. They can improve the metabolism and in this way reduce cholesterol values. The accelerated conversion of food into energy through bitter herbs affects the kidneys, reducing our glucuse control value (sugars). Some of the bitter substances such as Clucosinolat Sinigrin are even believed to be able to prevent the creation of initial cancer cells.

Everything that we missed in modern nutrition can be supplemented by Schweden Bitter

The foods that we consume today are manufactured in a way that leaves them with almost no bitter substances. Foods such as Grapefruit, Brussel sprouts, artichokes, radishes and arugula are not as bitter as they used to be.
Even when prepared for consumption, bitter substances are removed. Nowadays you can only find true bitter substances almost exclusively in coffee and some beers.
In China and India on the other hand, they really appreciate the beneficial and refreshing properties of bitter substances. The number of obese people in these countries is very limited.
Bitter tastes have been an essential part of our diet in the past. In the northern areas people used to chew the bitter roots of the Angelica or “Angel root” as a vegetable.Today, the extract from this plant is one of the basic ingredients of Schweden Bitter

In rural Greece, which is incredibly rich in wild herbs, the tradition of gathering herbs and cooking them at the right season is not yet lost.
In France and Germany they still eat, considered a delight by many even, some bitter herbs that grow during the spring, mainly as a salad.
During the conference, nutritionists concluded that the limited period of time during which these herbs are available for collecting (seasonal) is not sufficient to cover the necessary bitter part of our nutrition all year long.
Other than the aforementioned cases, bitter herbs are a part of the diet for a very limited amount of people. Who has the time today to go and look for herbs and dig out roots?

As a way to solve this, experts suggest the use of extracts from roots and herbs.

Healing herbs and herb extracs suchs as Schweden Bitter, can offer the bitter components that we are unfortunately missing from our diet today almost completely; if of course, taken systematically. They are usually the extracts produced from the roots of healing herbs.

This way, we could bring balance to our bodies again.

Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179) who has been declared a saint by the catholic church for her contribution to the evolution of medicine, used the following herbs that mainly include bitter substances: ginger, angelica, licorice, myhr, zentoria, mana, saffron.

Famous doctorParacelsus created his elixir for longevity during the 16th century. The ingredents included bitter roots in combination with aloe, myrrh and saffron. This mixture is the basis of Schweden Bitter even today.


Schweden Bitter was known to the swedish deanDr. Samst during the 17th century. The famous recipe of swedish herbs that he himself had been using his whole life was found in his legacy. Dr Samst died at the age of 104 and he enjoyed a healthy and active life. The cause of death: Falling of a horse!

World renowned botanist Maria Treben (1907- 1991), through her book ” Health through God’s pharmacy” that has been translated in many languages, made this specific elixir known to the world.

Schweden Bitter is used universally today , found everywhere including with the Indians of North America to the practical doctors of India and Malaysia.


The bitter ingredients support the function and the secretions of our digestive system, while at the same time detoxifying and rejuvenating the body in general. They can, as a result be used as a tonic, or in other words, Roborantia.
They contribute to the empowerment and rejuvenation of our bodies when they are heavily burdened either physically, mentally or spiritually or after a long treatment in order to reduce the time it takes to come back.

It is also a good suggestion for spring and/or autumn body care. During the spring it helps with detoxing the body and getting rid of extra weight that we have accumulated throughout the winter. During the autumn it helps with reinforcing our immune system so it can better prepare against the dangers of illnesses and ailments that occur in the winter.

(A glass of orange juice with 2 teaspoons of Schweden Bitter has a very similar taste to a Campari cocktail and is both tasty and healthy!)

The Schweden Bitter elixir can tackle the following:

Digestion problems
Bloating, It helps with the release of gas.
Swelling after eating too much.
Weakness, exhaustion and sleepiness
Phobias, uneasiness and anxiety.

Immune system problems (by reinforcing it).
Viral infections and the common cold.

Problems related to gall and the stomach.
Problems with the heart and blood pressure.
Headaches and migraines.
Rheumatism and arthritis.
Stomach parasites and fungi.
Obesity and cellulite.
Eczema and skin problems in general.
Pain and irritation in gums and the oral cavity, bad breath.
Hearing and ear problems
Menopause complications.

The Schweden Bitter elixir also helps with:

Maintaining liveliness and longevity.
Detox and exhuming acids from the body.
The betterment of the various blood variables.
Aging prevention (Anti- Aging Agent).

Used externally it can tackle:

Rheumatic and muscular pains and inflammations
Injuries, hematomas, burns, edema, ulcers and fistulas.
Skin diseases.

The text above is brought to you by the department of information of ef zyn, and is based on the Conclusions from the empirical and practical treatments conference (Karlsruhe, Germany, July 2001). Its purpose is the briefing of doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists.

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