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March 20, 2020

The old manuscript

Transcription of the manuscript about the healing properties of Schweden Bitter ( Found in the archives of centenarian Swedish Dean of medicine Dr. Samst – 17th […]
February 25, 2020

Taraxacum officinalis – The land’s milk

Taraxacum Officinialis is one of the most important common herbs that are readily available. It literally is a "basic" herb. It creates the basis for the treatment. Taraxacum covers vast parts of land and it is high quality sustenance for both man and animal.
February 25, 2020

St John’s Wort Oil – The miraculous balsam

In 2015, Hypericus (Hypericum Perforatum) commonly known as “Saint John’s wort”, was awarded the title of “medicinal plant of the year” by the study group for […]
February 25, 2020

Burdock – One of the most important healing herbs

When we are out in the wild, burdock stands out mainly because of its thorny flowers that stick on the clothes. It is said that burdock […]
February 25, 2020

Plantain: An old and reliable medicine

Plantain Plantain (Plantago lanceolata) also known by other names such as: fleawort, wimp, plantago, plantine, buckthorn, ribgrass, psyllium, abaca and more was awarded as the “medicinal […]
February 25, 2020

Birch – The Miraculous tree

Phytotherapy is the first form of medicine applied by people and instinctively by animals. Archaeological research has placed phytotherapy in the last ice age with evidence of its existence found to be more than 12000 years old. In ethnobotany, it is believed that the similarities of the use of the various kinds of birch and other medicinal plants from traditional phytotherapy in North America, Siberia and Russia are a result of the common ancestry of the finn-hungarian, turk, mongol and indian from the area of Northern Asia during the last ice age. Specifically, we’re talking about the use of birch to lower fever and tackle illnesses in the kidneys, the urine bladder, the breathing canal and the skin. These applications either result from common ancestry, or, unlikely, every one of those ancestries developed the same techniques.
February 25, 2020

Nettle: an essential herb for the pharmacy of your home!

Nettle is one of the oldest and most valuable healing herbs. Nettle benefits the hair and the skin. Nettle extract used as a lotion helps with the fight against zits, acne, eczema and can even limit the skin’s allergic reactions. Maria Treben suggests the use of nettle root extract and nettle tincture products for massaging the hairy areas of the head. She also comments on the incredible results for the hair’s health if they’re taken care of by a combination of nettle, burdock and birch. This mix yields promising results against hair loss, dandruff and even the way the hair looks.
February 25, 2020

Bitter substances- the great shortage of modern nutrition

Η επίδραση τους στην υγεία μας είναι γνωστή εδώ και 5000 χρόνια, όπως εμφαίνεται από τις αρχαίες ιερές γραφές του Ινδουισμού. Σε μία από αυτές, την Ayuverda, […]
February 25, 2020
maria treben

Maria Treben

“In our times, when the majority of people has drafted away from the natural way of life and sickness caused by that change looms, we must […]
February 25, 2020
harvesting herbs

The right way to gather, store and prepare herbs

New article: "The right way to gather, store and prepare herbs" A huide by Maria Treben. Learn more in Maria Treben's Book: "Health through God's pharmacy" #herbs #harvestingherbs #preservingherbs #mariatreben #schwedenbitter